Rope Access Inspection Equipment

Rope access, using ropes to work at height, is widely used for non-destructive inspection of high structures and other inaccessible places including:

  • Bridges
  • Masts, towers and pylons
  • Offshore structures
  • Storage Tanks

The Cygnus 2 and Cygnus 2+ Hands Free gauges both have an end-mounted LCD display making them ideal for rope access inspections. They are supplied with a wrist-strap and also a neck-strap so can be worn around the surveyor’s neck or clipped to a harness with the optional belt clip and the display viewed from above.

The Cygnus 2 measures using the Multiple-Echo technique, allowing it to read through coatings.

The Cygnus 2 PLUS has Multiple-Echo plus can be used in Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes.

Featuring an end-mounted LCD display and a large front LCD display, the Cygnus 6+ offers extra viewing versatility and facilitates hassle-free reporting with comprehensive datalogging capabilities.