2020 forced big changes within every country of the world, every society, every business and every household. Within Cygnus, we continue to be saddened by the tragedies and concerned about the global economic conditions. Of course this makes you reflect and, from March last year, we counted ourselves fortunate to be in the sectors we work in. With normal life turned upside-down, we valued more than ever our business relationships and we re-focussed, as one, on the business.

Many new initiatives surfaced, as Cygnus individuals pulled together at every level to work on anything and everything that could benefit the company. At the same time, we were forced to use our internal structure more and with quick uptake of online communication, we have developed greater cohesion throughout the company, in spite of being physically remote from one another. The effect has been remarkable and we are inspired to carry this forward.

Naturally, online communication was immediately extended to connect with our distributors, customers and suppliers too. Together, we adjusted plans, worked on new opportunities, supported each other and focussed on what was in our control – NOT the extreme uncertainty around us. Our strong relationships have been reinforced and we have grown as a team.

Whether bad or good, big or small, change is stressful. 2020 was a tough year, but I am proud of the way Cygnus individuals recognised this, responded supportively and have created a positive transformation out of difficult conditions.